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Climate-Controlled Storage in Redmond, OR - Protect Your Inventory

redmond-climate-controlled-storage.jpgAs a small business owner, you may purchase inventory at intervals throughout the year with limited available storage. You may also be concerned about the preservation of your merchandise. That’s why many businesses take advantage of our climate-controlled self-storage because it satisfies both needs.

Our climate-controlled storage facility offers convenient extra storage to manage seasonal and overstocked items and ensures inventory is preserved. In each climate-controlled self-storage unit, the temperature doesn’t waver from 55-65 degrees and the humidity level stays constant so highly prized wine, perishable goods, beauty and spa supplies, delicate antiques or sporting gear doesn’t dry out due to weather extremes.

Avoid Harm

Extreme weather can be a problem in all storage situations but are more pronounced here in Central Oregon. This coupled with Redmond’s dry climate forces business owners to take extra precautions when needing extra storage. They can’t risk it—and neither should you. If you have a business but don't need our climate controlled storage we also have safe business storage units in Redmond as well.

Ensure that your inventory is protected with our climate-controlled self-storage. See pricing now.

We hope you choose Secure Storage when you are looking for a storage unit in Redmond, Oregon.