Secure Storage in Redmond, OR
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Extremely Secure Mini Storage


Our Secure Storage facilities offer top-of-the-line security that combines the best philosophies in the business. Besides providing standard high fences and good lighting, we offer three security defenses that set us apart from the competition. 

First Defense: All entrances to our Secure Storage facilities are electronically controlled and a video surveillance system is run facility-wide 24/7.

Second Defense: Each of our secure mini storage units is electronically controlled by a personal customer code. Once a code is activated at the main entrance, it not only gives the customer access to enter the grounds but disarms their individual unit for secure access. Upon leaving the grounds, customers are prompted again for their personal code, which automatically rearms their unit.

Third Defense: On-site managers who live on the premises of our Secure Storage facilities serve as an additional defense against loss and theft. They get to know the habits of customers and can quickly respond when something is amiss. 

We know how important your belongings are to you and your family. Whether they are treasures you have picked up over the years while traveling abroad or your child’s first bedroom set that you wish to pass down to other family members, all are safe with us.

We hope you choose Secure Storage when you are looking for a storage unit in Redmond, Oregon.