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Car Storage in Redmond, OR for Extra Vehicles

redmond-car-storage.jpgYou may or may not be a car buff or car collector. You may just have multiple vehicles that you own—or have on your property. More than likely, the need to better protect your extra vehicles has crossed your mind. Now is a really good time to consider it and learn more about its advantages. Here we give you some great reasons why you should utilize our auto storage:

  • You can avoid rust to your vehicle’s frame, which alone can hurt your chances of getting a good and fair resale value for your car.
  • Protect your car’s paint. Have you checked on what it would cost to repaint your vehicle after months or years of weathering the intense sunny months in Central Oregon and freezing ice and snow in the winter months? It can cost thousands for a good paint job, and well over ten thousand for a show car.
  • Maintain its interior. Your nice leather bucket seats can crack and tear, cloth seats and dash boards can fade. Keep the color of your car’s interior vibrant by keeping it out of the sun for long periods of time. We can save you the hassle and cost of replacing your interior with our car storage options.
  • Tires are not cheap, and leaving them in the sun and elements can cause them to crack and degrade. This is not just aesthetic; it can be a real problem when the durability is compromised. You could be left stranded with a flat tire, or worse, it could cause an accident!
  • Winter in Redmond, Oregon can get a bit crazy with all the snow and ice. Keep your favorite car protected in our car storage from magnesium chloride (de-icer), cinder and rock. These safe winter driving tactics used by ODOT can do a number on your paint job, wheels and frame.
  • The wildlife can be fun to see around Central Oregon, but what’s not fun is when they take up residence in your car parked out in the driveway. Little critters like mice and squirrels love to make a nice little home in your engine bay or exhaust pipe, and they love to chew through wires while they’re in there. Keep the little rodents away by tucking your vehicle safely in our auto storage.

Best Size for Vehicle Storage

Our 10x20 car storage size unit is the most popular when renting space for vehicle storage. Galvanized walls, concrete floors, and a roll up door are standard on every auto storage unit. Each car storage unit has added security with an individual electronic code.

So whether you are looking for vehicle storage for your 1930's roadster, 1960's muscle car, or your late model beauty, count on our vehicle storage to keep your investment protected. You can sleep easy at night knowing that we have you covered.

We hope you choose Secure Storage when you are looking for a storage unit in Redmond, Oregon.